>Kindergarten Blues and 11 years of Marriage

Quinn has been in Kindergarten now for what 10 days and I’ve already gotten sick!   I’ve heard about this, but was not expecting to get knocked out within the first 10 days.  Crazy.   Quinn got sick within the first 2 days and then he gave it to me.   I’m all hopped up on Antibiotics right now and some super duper cough syrup (the good stuff 🙂  I’m about to fall asleep again. Anyways, during this cold I’ve been listening to 3 bands alot.  Blonde Redhead,  The Teddybears, and Skye.    All three artist are blowing my mind.   

1. “Blonde Redhead” is an amazing alternative band with a mix of the 80’s post modern college music via Cocteau Twins, the Smiths, & the Cure and todays bands like Interpool, Coldplay, the Editors and many others.  I’m really impressed with this group.  The song “Spring and By Summer Fall” is a great soundtrack song for the summer.   It’s just a cool song for the end of July.  
2. “The Teddybears” are more of a club band.   The grooves these guys create won’t leave your brain for days.  A flair of Reggae styling with the vocals and Fatboy Slims groove will put a kick in your step.   Their song “Cobrastyle” will get you up in the morning and have you doing a jig in the kitchen during breakfast 🙂  I promise!

3. “Skye” is the vocalist from Morcheeba.   Her voice is beautiful and comforting.   I feel happy when listing to her music.  This is just cool music.  Her song “Stop Complaining” is a song with a great message for when you feel like complaining 🙂   The song “Solitary” is pure, soft and honey sweet.   I’m not sure why, but I really like this song.
Well, I really need to go back to bed.   The cough syrup is taking effect.   One last note. Yesterday was my father’s 70th birthday.  I love my dad so much.  I can’t believe he’s 70. 
That’s crazy to me.  He is my hero and such a huge part of me.  I love you dad.  
And last but not least today marks 11 years that Nikki and I have been married.  We’ve seen much grace in our marriage over those years and I know I’m a lucky man. I am more in love with Nikki than I ever have been.   She is priceless to me.  
Ok now I’m going back to bed.  I can barely type 🙂  This cough syrup is good stuff!

3 thoughts on “>Kindergarten Blues and 11 years of Marriage

  1. >Happy 11 guys! 🙂 I can see us soon….on the beach, hanging out….Nikki and I can drink some margaritas while you and John go and get another tattoo!:)

  2. >Hi There… I was told about this blog on Saturday while fixing an internet connection for a blog junky we both know… :-)Good to find you again… I hear you are in FLA…-cjc

  3. >Hey! Found you via Anna’s page :)Just wanted to say Happy 11, and I LOVE those bands/singer/songwriters you listed too!! Great taste in music :)Hope you’re feeling better!!Love to you.

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