>Drums, drums, drums


Listening to: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place– Brian Oaks
Well, I’ve spent the last two days working with a new drum kit we had made for “Vine”.   I’m not a drummer nor am I really all the technical with electronics.   Even though this is a real drum kit there is software that gives you amazing sounds through triggers and some little box I don’t really understand all to well.   The kit looks and sounds amazing. I’m trying to work all the bugs out and get them set up for any drummer to play on.  I’m not there yet. I was on the phone today with my cell phone held to my ear by some big headphones and sticks in my hands and my laptop beside me.  It was a funny sight.  I’m hoping by the end of this week to have them all ready to go.  These are not your normal electronic drums by any stretch of the imagination.  Your sounds are recorded by real studio drum engineers.  Pretty cool.  You can pick and choose almost any drum kit you could ever want to play.  Pretty amazing.  But not being a drummer makes me feel a tad out of my element.  Give me a guitar, some pedals and an amp and I’m at home 🙂  Well, we are still searching/waiting for a drummer for the vine band.  I’ve been seeking God’s wisdom and patience.  I also need an electric guitar player.  This is the first time in 7 years that I’ve not had a full band.   All will be well I know 🙂  Vine starts in 25 days and I’m really stoked but a tad scared.  Again praying that God brings musicians.   See you in August 26th at 10:30am!  I’ll be the bald guy in jeans and a t-shirt holding a guitar:)

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