>"Chop Shop" Rocks


Listening to: Not Enough Time by: Chip Greene
Anyone who has gotten to know me since we’ve moved here to Lakeland has heard me talk about my favorite eatery here in Lakeland.   It’s called the Chop Shop on Kentucky Ave downtown Lakeland.  I love this place.   The Owner’s are just cool and two of the nicest people you’ll meet.  You feel welcome every time you walk in the doors.  Also, if your not hip, then go to the Chop Shop and hipness will occur. 🙂  This place exudes a vibe that makes you feel happy, cool, and well, hip 🙂   It’s a retro kind of vintage yet modern burger joint I guess. If that makes any sense.  The walls are covered in 50’s decor and there is always a 50 TV show on one of the TVs in the room.   The music is in the background is a vintage & modern rockabilly mixed with a flare of 80’s college radio. Ok, for the serious part.  The burgers are simply amazing.   The chicken sandwich is to die for.  Oh, the chicken wrap is well, incredible!!!   I’ve also had the  smooth and spicy Tomato Basil soup which is perfect for a rainy day.  It’s really good.  There are many other options and everything has a cool name attached to it.  The service is pretty quick and atmosphere is what makes Lakeland a great place to live.  
Visit the Chop Shop soon and tell them I sent you:)

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