>Trust & Obey


Last Friday morning I was reading about Moses in the book of Exodus.   To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever really spent to much time in this book.  I’m very glad I did this morning.   I was wanting to hear from God about leadership and encouragement.  I got just what I asked for. Actually right between the eyes.   So, the short is in Exodus Moses gives God several excuses for why he is not the guy for the job.  But God responds with these words in Exodus 4:11 “who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing , or blind? Is it not I, the lord?”  I think it’s neat how relevant this is to our own lives.   God has given us so much and yet we still fret over what we don’t have or what we think we can’t do.  How weird is that.  ha. 
I was so tired of looking for a drummer.  You may think that’s not a big deal but I had really looked down every avenue and then some, and then some more, and then some more 🙂  God blessed us with an amazing bass player and guitar player but no drummer.  Well , I read this scripture and just breathed a calm breath.  I said God I trust you.  I opened up my phone scrolled down to find Pastor Craig’s number to call him and tell him we were going to have to go acoustic for our first service.  And I was fine with that.   It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was what it was.  We needed to wait for God to bring the right person.   Well, I found Craig’s number and was literally getting ready to press the send button and my phone began to ring.  I didn’t recognize the number.  I answered the call and the voice on the other side said hello is this HL.  I said yes.   He said I heard your looking for a drummer.  I then talked with caution.  I thought it was a joke. Was God playing with me?   Well, the drummer and I talked from about 12:30 to 1:20 or so and then we met at the church at 5pm to play some music together.   We spent an hour going through the songs and I was in awe the whole time.   It was weird really.  Was this an Angel?   He has long silver hair 🙂  He’s funny and he rocks on the drums.   I went home and told nikki I think this drummer is the guy.  Nikki I think was unsure if it was real or not.  I was still unsure it was real to be honest.   Saturday afternoon the band practiced together for the first time and it was a blast.  It was a great practice.   It still blows my mind.   God simply wants us to trust and obey Him.  No matter what.  He is good, powerful and loves us unconditionally.   Oh, I ate at Chop Shop on Monday for lunch.  I had a chicken caesar salad wrap that was to die for!  Man it was good.   Stop in and tell the owners Aby or Tye that I sent you.  🙂  Who knows maybe i’ll get a free burger one day 🙂 ha.


2 thoughts on “>Trust & Obey

  1. >Cool story. I’m glad that you trusted and did not force things… you could have chosen a drummer to “get by with”, but you had the faith to say… “we’ll go without” rather than force it… and God’s answer was right there… Great lesson!-me

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