>"Give Yourself Away" RSB


Listening to: Robbie Seay Band “Give Yourself Away”
I first heard the Robbie Seay band back in 2000 at my first church job in MD where I was worship pastor.  Another pastor gave me an earlier CD of Robbie’s and I’ve been a listening ever since.  I love RSB’s renditions of ancient hymns as well as their originals.   They have several CD’s but two of them prior to “Give Yourself Away” are strong stand outs.  “10,000 Charms” and “Better Days” are both amazing indie CD’s. I would suggest getting both these CD’s for your personal enjoyment.   You won’t regret it.   Now beware “Better Days” was rereleased 2 years ago on a major label but the remixes pretty much stunk.  I would go with the indie version of “Better Days“.  “Give Yourself Away” is much more like the indie CD’s.   The production is true to the artist and will fill your car speakers with songs that will make you smile and make your ride more enjoyable while driving down FL Ave.  🙂  Robbie’s voice is like a young Peter Gabriel.  The song stylings remind me of British band Travis.   Robbie is a worship leader in TX where his older brother is lead pastor.  Now “Give Yourself Away” is not even out yet, but YOU CAN GET IT FOR FREE by clicking HERE.  How you ask? Well  Relevant Magazine is giving the whole CD away as a marketing tool from RSB’s record label.  Get it while you can.  This won’t last long!   The vine band is doing one of the new RSB songs this weekend at our Vine launch.  Which one?  You’ll have to come to the Vine’s launch this sunday morning at 10:30am to find out.  We had practice tonight and it was allot of fun.  Anyways, get yourself some Robbie Seay Band tunes.

One thought on “>"Give Yourself Away" RSB

  1. >I will check it out….one of my first purchases when I go tto the States? Relevant magazine. Does Nikki ready Radiant? 🙂 Have a great weekend guys!

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