>Friday Current Listening


Ok, I’m really sorry it’s taken so long for me to write in my blog! Wow, it’s been a month. Time really does move fast. Ok, friday mornings are my sit back, evaluate, listen to music, read and relax time. Here are some of the tunes I’m listening to this morning.
One thing. I seem to have a very large mysterious bump on my forehead this morning. Nikki and I’ve tried to figure out if I was sleep walking last night and ran into something or not 🙂 Ha. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just rather large and, and well, just odd for me to have. It doesn’t look like bug bite. So anyways I’ve taken some benadryl and I’m starting to drift off a bit so I’m not going to write much this morning. Friday mornings are going to be my Blog morning according to the schedule I’ve started to keep for myself. 🙂 Let’s see how well I can keep to that 🙂 Many blessing! HL
All these songs can be found on iTunes…
I highly suggest them all for your listening enjoyment!

Your a Wolf by: Seawolf

Time is a runaway by: The Alternative Routes
Mistakes for Strangers by: The Nationals
Drowning Thomas by: Brenn
15 By: Surrogate
Fly Me Couragous By: Drivin‘ n’ Cryin
Not Enough Time By: Chip Greene
Spring and Summer by Fall By: Blonde Redhead
Cobrastyle By: Teddybears
Five More Hours By: Gabe Dixon Band

One thought on “>Friday Current Listening

  1. >It is about FLIPPIN time that you posted. Honestly, you are getting as bad as me at this point dude! John is is the States finally…..YAY! Missing you guys! Sam broke his clavical bone today…there is always drama with us! Never fails.Love ya! Anna

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