>Worship Confessional #1


Currently listening to:  Far Cry From Gone by: Tom Yarbrough

I’m not able to sleep so I’m on the couch listening to some good story telling music and sharing with you my first worship confessional.   The music is by Tom Yarbrough, who is a college buddy of mine.  He’s an amazing songwriter who’s CD just came out.  I’m really enjoying the lyrics, music and production.  It’s an alternative folk CD with sprinklings of country.  Very nice.

Well, today was really a good morning.  My favorite part was when Pastor Craig interviewed a young couple who have been coming to Vine for several weeks now.  That was a neat moment in the service. Overall the morning was not to different from other sundays.  Although we did have the coffee inside the room which looked amazing back there and just felt right.  It reminded me of a club from back in Nashville.   I like that element allot better.   It gave the room a cool vibe.
Alright then.  We started our set with Refuge in You.  It’s a great vineyard song from a several years back.  It’s a fun rocker.  It went pretty well.  I’ve got to say I can’t count how many times I’ve done this song over the years at different churches, retreats and such.  And I’ve never had issues with the song.  It’s only like 3 chords, but for some reason I couldn’t get the first two chords right this morning.  Ha! That threw the band a little bit as we started.  I fell into place as we got into the first verse.  After that the song seemed to flow well.   Then we sang More Than Ever which is another vineyard song.   Again, I couldn’t hit the right chords.  I know most people didn’t notice, but I sure did.   As we started that song I was ready to finish.  I just didn’t seem to find the pocket for this one.  I’ve never had issues with this one either till this morning.  🙂 So, I was really ready for the following two songs.   I Stand Amazed was lead by Nikki and I sang harmony. (I sing really high on this one! Like really scary high 🙂 I think the band guys think i can do 80’s hair music now because of it.  Who knows, maybe we will pull out some 80’s hair music for the old rockers at Vine. 🙂  Anyways,  I love totally love I Stand Amazed.  The words are amazing and the music just right.   This version comes from NorthPoint Community Church in Atlanta.  Oh, and this song I had no issues playing 🙂   The band sounded great on this ditty too.  Then we went into Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)   This is Chris Tomlin’s rewrite.  It’s really another gem song.  Beautiful.   Nikki sang some beautiful harmony here.  I think I’ve sang about every version of Amazing Grace there is and this one is just a little different from the rest.  When you’ve sang several different versions sometimes it can be hard to remember which one is the one you need to be singing 🙂  I think I got pretty close this morning to the right one 🙂  It was really beautiful to hear the whole Vine community belting this one out to God.  That was a special moment for me.  Next we had our message on Jonah and after the message Nikki sang At The Foot Of The Cross, which is a Kathryn Scott ditty to help get us focused for communion.  I played acoustic on this one. Nikki’s voice was so elegant, honest and well, beautiful.   Next we took communion  and had our offering moment.  Then we sang Refuge in You one more time.  Thankfully I got all the chords right this time 🙂  
I really think the band is starting to gel.   It’s been about 2 months now that we’ve been playing together and we are starting to understand each other better and find a pocket.  Pretty cool.  I really am honored to play with these dudes.  Thom, Tosh, Chad,  You rock!  Can’t forget the best band member…Nikki.   Nikki wanted to know where she was in the picture above. ha.  If I was her I’d be glad she wasn’t in there:)  Those tights look painful.  Yellow and Black attack baby!  Goodnight!

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