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Currently Listening to: “Wrapped up in You”   by: The Glorious Unseen
Currently Reading:  “The Signature of Jesus” by Brennan Manning
Today’s eats:  Tomato Basil Soup and Garlic Knots at “the Chop Shop” for lunch.
Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  I need to make blogging a discipline in my daily life.   I really enjoy blogging when I do it.   Well, much has been going on in my life and the life of Vine since my last post.  I’ll just say I’ll make a thanksgiving resolution.  Since Craig is bugged that christmas is being promoted so early, I’ll promote making new years resolutions at thanksgiving 🙂  See what he thinks about that 🙂 I’m going to say is I’ll post once a week on Monday mornings.    I think I’ve made a resolution like that before and failed pretty quick so we’ll see how this one goes.  I need some accountability on this.   Will anyone help keep me accountable? 🙂
This guy up top is Manny.  He was a guy we used for a video that will soon be up on Vine’s website.  Keep a look out for it.  What manny did was walk around town and meet the people there.  He ate at local joints down town, visited the park, walked the streets, hung out and talked with the people.  It was a funny morning hanging out with him.   People seemed to want to have their picture taken with him.  That was funny.   More on manny later…

Ok, Vine has been going very well.  We have learned allot about being humble before God and letting him steer the ship.   It’s been such a blessing to see and meet all the new people God is bringing through the doors to Vine   We have had a some really cool missional opps since August and we have many more on the way.   I’m still really wanting to get more local artists involved.  Having Richard Bond paint a few Sunday’s for us has been amazing.  He is a very gifted artist and has an amazing eye and vision for his art.   Really good stuff.   
We have a few new band guys now.   Kenny is now kicking it on drums and Stan is on keys.  The band is starting to take a fuller shape.    Tosh on bass, Chad on guitars, Kenny on drums, and Stan on keys.   Kenny is the newest part of the 10:30 band.   Stan started playing with us only a week before Kenny.  Both are exceptional musicians and fit right in.   Great hearts and great players.   One sad note is Tom’s last Sunday on drums was two weeks ago.  Tom came in literally last minute to play drums for us till we got ourselves on our feet.   He was such a huge blessing and helped drive the bus on Sunday mornings!  We will miss you Tom!  Many blessings as you go where God leads your family.   Much love for you man.
I ate at the Chop Shop downtown today with our youth pastor Tim.  Good eats and good company.   Still one of my fav joints to go to downtown. 🙂
I’m heading home here in a minute.  The event at church I was running tech for is now over. I’m heading home tonight without my laptop as part of a commitment to more time with my family.    I’m also working at being more efficient with my time at the office and not leaving things to be done at home.   Anyways, I thought I’d share that 🙂  Till a much sooner next time.
Psalm 121
HL McConnell

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