>Currently Listening to: “When Life Was Easy” by: The Ocean Blue

I grew up in Hershey PA, and the band the Ocean Blue were a few guys from the church I grew up in. (it can be found on iTunes)  This song above just reminds me of winter full of snow and cold winters.  I’m guessing Quinn will never experience a snow day down here like I did up in Hershey.  That was always a fun thing growing up.  Something you prayed for! 🙂
Well, I spent the Thanksgiving Holiday with family in NC this year.   We drove over a 2 day period and it got colder and colder the closer we got to our destination.  On our trip we smuggled mini (our minature daschund) into 3 hotels, ate 3 thanksgiving dinners, took quinn fishing (He caught like 3 fish, I caught none), spotted dear, drove up a to the mountains, had an all out silly string war at my families house (grandma, grandpa, the dog, grandchildren, me, & my siblings), got to see snow the last day we were there and cut down 2 christmas trees from off the mountain and shoved them in our little mazda along with a wreath, dog, 5 year old, me and nikki, and our luggage 🙂  It was a fun trip.  I think we’ll fly next time 🙂

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