>Spinal Tap / Worship Confessional #2


Currently Listening to: “Talk” (thin white duke mix) by: Coldplay

Sunday Dec 2nd, was a pretty good morning overall.   Set up went smoothly thanks to all the wonderful volunteers.   And the room looked amazing.  It felt warm and welcoming.  Loved it. 
Ok, Before the service each week the ten30 band (the worship band) goes back into the green room, way back behind the stage and storage room to spend some time relaxed and focused in prayer.  We usually end that time about a minute to 2 minutes prior to everything kicking off.   This past Sunday was no different other than that when we tried to exit the green room, we realized we were locked in!  We all had this funny look on our faces!  “Oh No” Nikki said as we all began to laugh.  The other side of the room has doors too, but they are usually blocked in by big heavy stages so they are not easy to get into or out off.  We all had at brief moment of a kind of funny panic on our faces.  Fortunately nothing was blocking in the doors this morning. So our Spinal Tap moment was short lived.   The band did a great job this week.  Stan played Bass on one keyboard and keys and piano on another keyboard, (Tosh was out and so was Chad) while Kenny kept us going on the drums and I strummed the guitar while Nikki and I sang.   My only donkey ism for the morning was I got really frustrated with my in ears and tried to get the sound guys attention during a prayer. They didn’t see me waving at them till close to the end of the prayer. I’m cringing writing this cause I know I looked like a fool. 
Since I couldn’t keep those buggers in I was hoping to get the sound guys to turn my guitar up just a hair in the mix cause I could barely hear it with out my in ear monitors in.  This is not the sound guys fault at all.  Where the band is stationed in the room leaves a sound gap for us so if my in ears fall out, I can’t hear what I’m doing very well nor what the band is doing.   Not much we can do about it.
I even duck taped my in ear monitors to my back this week and they still didn’t stay in.  That being said I was distracted allot of the way through the singing part of worship Sunday.   At any given time I had something dangly on the side of my face and I couldn’t hear what was going on very well.  I did really let it get to me this week and feel like I was totally un professional.  
It’s a distraction I strongly desire to put an end to today as I go to the music store hopefully finding something to attach those things to my ears better without looking like some character on Star Trek. 
I’m what Craig would call and emerging worship leader.  Still growing, sinning, making mistakes, needing forgiveness, even a strong kick in the butt sometimes, and a hug from time to time.   Well, the message Pastor Craig did was great and I really think this is my favorite series we’ve done so far.  Just good stuff!  Jordan’s prayer experience was also cool.  After the junk with my in ear monitors I really needed to go to the washing stations and rinse my hands&  release some of my junk.  Thanks for leading us there Jordan.  
God is good and loving.


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