>Duck tape / Green Room Funnies


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The morning today is a quiet one.  My drive around the lake today on my way to work was beautiful.  There are some new gigantic birds on the lake this week.  Not sure what they are.  But they have little baby birds all around them.  The look like Swans but with bigger beaks.  Anyone know what they are?  I love the winters in FL 🙂
Alright, I never got to the music store like I said I had to last week.   Stuff just got in the way of me getting there.  Stuff happens.  So this Sunday I got creative with my in ears.  After I put my in ear monitors in I used ducktape on the back of my head to keep them in place.  See being bald has its advantages.  Couldn’t do that if I had hair 🙂  The band got a kick out of it.  They thought I looked like a cyborg in some space movie.  Jackie (fpc staff) saw the big black strip of tape on the back of my head during sound check and brought me surgical tape to use instead.   So by the time service started I was back to looking normal.  Thanks for looking out for me Jackie.  You rock!
We did get stuck in the green room again this week.   Both Tosh and Chad weren’t here the following week and they were the last to enter the room, so when they closed the door we were locked in again.  None of the rest of us remembered to say anything about it. Ha!  Fortunately we were able to slip through the other doors again.  I don’t think that will happen again 🙂 Nikki told me that when it happened last week it made her think of the horror movie “Saw”. In that movie people are stuck in room by a mad man and can’t get out. (and they all die) 
We live, we learn 🙂 

2 thoughts on “>Duck tape / Green Room Funnies

  1. >Yeah, those big white birds are White Pelicans. They are actually a fresh water species that winters in Florida from up North. They are cool to watch, and you’re right, during this season, they are the biggest birds on the lakes!

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