>Molly’s Irish Pub Music


Where: Molly McHugh’s Irish Pub (Downtown Lakeland)
Who: Chad & Jess Kostella
When: Dec 12th 2007 10pm

Currently Listening to: “Please Read the Letter”  by: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Wednesday Evening I had the pleasure of enjoying the music of Chad & Jess Kostella at Lakeland’s only Irish pub, Molly’s.   The environment is warm, rustic, welcoming, and well’ pub like 🙂  I love it there.   If you come to Vine at FPC then you’ve seen Chad playing lead guitar most Sunday’s or Bass guitar from time to time.  Chad opened the night with songs by Johnny Cash, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and several other greats.   His voice was deep, strong and just plain good.  I was really impressed with his presence and deliverance of each tune.  Again, just good!  Jess joined after the first song adding harmony’s and a richer presence to the room. They sounded great together.  My favorite song in Chad’s set was “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode.  It’s such a great modern 80’s alternative song.  And Chad performed it so well.  Loved it.   Ok, now for some reality though.  At first I thought Chad & Jess were a duo, but then I realized Chad was really the opening act 🙂  After Chad finished his set he took a seat beside me and Jess got on stage.  She tore into a set list of all original songs.  Each was beautiful, gritty, intelligent, perfectly shaped and beautifully performed.   I remember shortly after the first song turning to Chad and saying “Wow, she is really stinkin good!”   Let me tell you this, if you get the chance to see these two perform…go!  It will get you downtown enjoying all Lakeland has to offer and allow you to be enterained by two of Lakeland’s best.
It’s my understanding that Chad & Jess will be performing at Molly’s on Wednesday evenings at 10pm and at the Chop Shop on Tuesdays evenings around 7pm.    

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