>12-23-07 Vine Set List


Currently Listening to: Something We Can’t Be
(Joey B. of Echoing Green -Remix) by: Project 86
Currently Drinking: a cold Pepsi
Currently snacking on: Carmel Popcorn
:Today was a great morning.  I really enjoyed worshiping with my church family.  Got to say I love singing with Nikki.  Such a beautiful voice.  Michelle and the boys sounded great also.  Thanks for playing with such passion and skill today!  Anyways, I’m feeling really blessed to be here.   I have a beautiful wife, a son who is about to turn 6 tomorrow, a great band full of the best musicians in town and pastors around me who are helping me grow and mature.  I also  love our downtown.  “The Chop Shop” is just a nesting place for me. 
 I really feel at home there.  Also “Black and Brew“.  The best coffee house in Lakeland! I’m there about 3 to 4 times a week.  Best Chai tea anywhere…period!  Thanks to Jess 🙂
Well,  2008 is almost here!  What an amazing year.  Lot’s of change, stress, joy, tears, laughter, growth, and lots of mess ups.  For me I’ve made allot of mistakes this year. I’ve said and done things I’m not very proud of.   I’m learning to come to grips with being forgiven and living my life as a new creation in Christ.  That’s hard for me to do.  I’m an emerging leader, fallen, redeemed, covered by grace.  Much love to you all 🙂
Till next time.  Have a great Christmas Holiday!!!!
Today’s Set List:
“O Come O Come Emmanuel” by: Bebo Norman
“Angels We Have Head On High” by: Third Day
“O Come All Ye Faithful” by: Third Day
“I Stand Amazed” by: Candi Person Shelton
“The First Noel” by: Jill Phillips
“Glory In The Highest” by: Chris Tomlin

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