>12-30-07 Vine Set List & Worship Confessional


Listening to : “Invasion” by: Eisley
Eating: Cheddar and Carmel popcorn. (christmas gift, ha)
Drinking: Cold Pepsi
Nikki said something that hit me this morning as the band was in the greenroom praying.  She said she felt hesitation about the morning and that God was obviously going to be doing something special here in the service.  I don’t think that was exactly what she said.  
But close 🙂 And I think she was right.  This whole morning was about healing and starting fresh in 2008.  After the message by Pastor David, He and I anointed peoples heads with oil and prayed for them as they came up to the front.  It was pretty powerful for me in allot of ways.   I saw allot of my own fears in other people and saw myself growing, healing and trusting God more during this experience today than any other point I can recall in a long time.  It was a special day.  A beautiful day.
My confessional for the morning has to do with my big blunder on the VERY first song!  So we start this really cool version of “Be Thou My Vision” that Nikki was singing and for some reason I couldn’t remember where my hands were suppose to go for the electric part.  Wow, it was ugly.  I muted myself and ended up figuring it out by the next time that part was suppose to be played.  The song ended up going very well and was beautifully lead by Nikki and the band.  Thanks to my friend Buck (visiting from out of town) for filling in on acoustic guitar.  That helped a ton and it was fun to worship God with you brother.  Buck also sang a great Ten Shekel Shirt song over us after the prayer time.  Very nice man.  Thank you for blessing us.
The band really did a great job for a last minute rehearsal this morning.  Thank you Tosh, Kenny & Stan.  Love you guys.  (chad was sick today) Well, the holidays are tough for band practice.  I’ll be glad when the new year starts and we can get on a regular schedule.
Really this morning was neat and a growing experience for our community.   Pastor David has a gentle spirit about him and you feel loved when around him.   I feel honored to be near him and having the chance to learn from him.  Missed Craig while he was in the Classical service.  He’ll be back next week kickin it tough with the new series “SPLAT”. 
I need to run home, eat lunch quickly.  I have a tennis match against Quinn on the “Wii” a little later today.  I need to get ready for it.  The boy is good! 🙂  Happy new year!
  Much love and many blessings!
Psalm 28:7…HL
Today’s Set List:
“Be Thou My Vision” Upper Room Community version
“Rain” by: Joe Hielman
“Healer” by Ten Shekel Shirt
“Blessed Be Your Name” by: Matt Redman

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