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LifeJournal good for the Soul
 Well, I’ve been doing my Life Journal for 4 days now!  I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! That’s sad I know, but I really have stuggled to have a time each day just reading my bible.  No singing or playing guitar or reading other books.  Just sitting and reading my bible.  Quietly before God.  Pretty crazy.  I got a message from someone else who is Life Journaling and I noticed from his blog that there were others who posted their life journals on their blogs.  Pretty neat.  I hadn’t thought about posting my life journal on the blog.  I’ve been journaling on my laptop doing the s.o.a.p. thing and that’s been good for me.  The kicker for me is not the journaling but the time at rest before God reading and listening to Him.   I may from time to time post a life journal here.  Or I may do it daily.  Not sure yet.  
I would encourage anyone who struggles with daily reading to find the time of day you are most at peace.  I struggled for years thinking I needed to do my reading in the morning. The start of the day. Well, that’s crazy for me. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a night owl.  I can stay up all crazy hours of the night.  I’ve been like this since I was very young. It’s when everything is quiet and at rest.  I think more clearly and can listen better.  So doing my reading somewhere between 10 & 12pm has been great for me.  If you have struggled with finding the right time, know that I’m doing it and so can you!  
Now, I’ve had to do something that I’ve fought for a long time.  Cut my TV time.   Can TV get in the way of a relationship with Jesus?  Yes.  I’ve been shrugging off time with God during the best time of my day for way to long.  No longer!  TV has just gotten in the way of my walk with God.  Anyways,  I’ve been coming clean about allot of things in my life lately. I have to and this is one of them.  I want my life to be in the light so I can have true fellowship with others and grow closer to Christ.  (1 John 1:5-10) the message


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