>new guitar / failure to read


Currently Listening to:  God of All Glory” by Jeremy Riddle

New Guitar  
Well, here’s the new guitar!  My very own Reverend Jeststeam 390.  I used it on Sunday for the first time.   It plays as good as it looks!  I’m really enjoying it. Nikki likes the Soapbar pickups.  She thinks they look cool And Chad (our lead guitar player) wants one now.  I wanted to share with everyone one of my really nice Christmas presents.  🙂

Bible Reading Plan  
I did pretty good last week with doing my daily bible readings.  I bombed last night though.  I decided to watch the movie “blood diamond” about diamond smuggling in Africa.  It really made me think of our missionaries in Africa and the intensity of where they are.  It was really an intense film worth watching.  But that’s beside the point. What’s more important is I didn’t do my reading before I watched the movie.  And there for I didn’t end up doing it at all last night.  That stinks.  All week, I read somewhere between 10pm and 11pm, then I watched a little TV before bed.  I had some sweet fellowship with God and learned allot.  So tonight I’ll start back with reading and I’m going to work really hard to stick to it and not slack off.  This afternoon I wrote down 10 personal goals for myself for year 2008 and my daily bible ready is on that list.   My prayer is that more of us from vine take 2008 to grow in Gods word.  I’m off to band practice!


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