>Lakeland Music w/ Chad & Jess


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++Chad & Jess (Yates) Kostella++
Many of you know that Wed nights @ 10pm Chad and Jess play at Molly’s pub downtown.  If you don’t, well now you do 🙂 I’m there every Wed. come rain or shine and I’ve become a huge fan of these two.  Chad’s got an amazing voice and is just a great performer.  He makes you feel welcome and allows you to relax, laugh, and enjoy your time there while indulging in some of your favorite songs from past and present.  I must warn southern rock fans that there is a negative aroma in the room for a certain southern rock song so much that if requested Chad & Jess perform a tune by an undamed pop star.  It is an extremely funny moment 🙂 I won’t say who the artist is or what song because I want you to experience it yourself.  The song is actually one of my favorite songs that gets performed because it’s the most unlikely song for anyone to do and they do it so well 🙂 Love it.  Remember it’s only done as punishment if a certain southern rock anthem is requested.  
You know, these two together really impress me.   I’ve heard allot of musicians over the years and it’s rare to hear a good husband/wife duo sing so well together.
Wed evening Jess did another set of her original songs, but there was something in the air and each song was filled with a passion and excellence that sparked emotion in everyone in the room.  The songs came to life in a unique way.  It was powerful. I woke up Thursday morning singing her tunes.   If you are looking for music with great lyrics and beautiful melody’s than Jess Yates (Kostella) is your ticket.  Check her out Next Tuesday Evening at the Chop Shop on Kentucky Ave. or Wed evening at Molly’s.   
Magsauce is Chad’s electronica band, kinda.  There are so many flavors here it’s hard to describe the music.  “JCR Funk” is my favorite tune.  I love this song.  It makes me happy.  Really it does.  Then there’s “Bound Determined” which is another fav of mine.  But this one just weirds me out.  It’s haunting and beautiful at the same time.  You can hear both tunes on magsauces myspace page.  I’m stoked to see it live.  Catch them downtown on Feb 23rd at City Club 210 on East Pine Street. 
See you then!

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