>FL so far in 2008


Currently Listening to:  “Chant Down Babylon” by: John Davis
The picture above was from a few weeks ago when we went to Animal Kingdom and it rained all day.  We had a blast.   Today we went to the Zoo in Tampa.  There was not allot people there so we had a great time.  I road a camel with Quinn.  That was fun 🙂   I have been really bad about blogging lately.  Really bad.   I haven’t been disciplined in many areas and have started to take steps over the last week.   I started going back to the YMCA!  When Christmas hit this past year I started eating and well, just didn’t stop.   That’s not a bad thing except I stopped working out.   Since I’ve started working out I’ve started to feel better about myself and just better in general.  So one of the next steps is blogging.   Starting this week I’m going to be reading through the book of James and blogging about it on the Vine website.   I don’t know if anyone even reads this blog anymore because I’ve gotten so bad at blogging 🙂   I’ve even slacked on the worship set lists over the last few weeks.   I’m going to work at getting those back up to date also.
 🙂  Till the next blog!  

One thought on “>FL so far in 2008

  1. >Hey HL… I check up on you now an then. You’re never far from my thoughts… I have also been inconsistent about working out, and too consistent about eating… Nice to see you and the family out having fun.take care,Craig

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