>Pallette Vine Worship Set List 4-6-08


Currently Listening to: Diane by: Helen Stellar
Today was a great day.   Much different than I have become used to.   We had Richard Bond an amazing resident Lakeland artist painting on the floor up front, one of my guitar students helping lead worship on one of the songs, 2 younger yutes reading works the had written, Jessica Stone playing a really rad piano piece she had recently written and the band kicking it for with a much longer time of singing.    It was a cool morning.   Next week we start looking at the book of James.
Set List for the morning was
1.   “Be Thou My Vision” by:  Upper Room Worship
2.  “More Than Ever” by: Robbie Reider & Allan Fuller
3.  “I will sing” by: Pete Shambrook
4.   “Behold the Lamb of God” by: Matt Maher
5.   “Psalm 33” by: Greg & Amanda Blache
6.  “Wonderful Cross” by: Robbie Seay Band version
7.  “You Are”  by: Todd Fields

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