>From the Green Room


(This is a shot of me from last sunday in the green room with the band wearing a red curly wig)
Currently Listening to: Ampersand Ep by: Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken (it’s amazing!!)
Well, I don’t know if anyone even looks at this thing anymore cause I’ve not been blogging like a good blogger should.   I’ve been so wrapped up in myself that I’ve not been confessing much and therefore started to loose control a bit.   I’m back now and have been opening myself up more.  Being a worship leader and being a horrible sinner, well at times is hard to grapple with.  So I have started to pray more, not for me, but for the community, the volunteers, my family, my job, my coworkers and whoever God places on my heart.  I’ve spent so many years running and doing and so succesful at being self sufficient that I have been heading for a breakdown.    Call it a 35 year life crisis 🙂   Allot has changed for me this year and to handle change I’ve always gone inside and thought I had done well with it.   God has been pushing outside and I am moving and praying daily to be dependent on God, to be steadfast in the Lord. 
This has been a daily prayer for about 2 months now.  It’s not easy for me.  Anyways, I wanted to share with you this photo and open up a bit about my journey. 

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