>Beach Trip 08 & Samson Society thoughts

>Currently Listening to: “Deciphering Me” by: Brooke Fraser

Picture: I took it 2 days ago of Quinn on Bradenton beach on Anna Maria Island, FL.
Beach Trip 2008
We’ve spent the last 5 days on Anna Maria Island soaking up the sun, the gulf water and chlorine filled pools.   Non of us have gotten burned though my swim trunks have changes colors.  We have enjoyed beautiful summer rains, amazing popcorn shrimp on “the city pier” which is my favorite place to eat down here.   We found a great place down here on the beach that has Buffalo Burgers!  Oh man are they good and healthy for you.  Yum.    We have played putt putt 3 times.  Each time Quinn has one a free game so we just went back and played again 🙂  We have a free game still to use later on down the road.   Tonight we are making Taco’s for dinner and going to the beach to blow stuff up 🙂   I love the beach.  It’s relaxing to me.  The power of the ocean is humbling, the smell of the air relaxes me every time.  I think cause I grew up going to the beach for a week every summer.  I’m really thankful for my Father for taking us each year.  We drove to Myrtle beach every summer from Hershey PA. That was a long drive to have 4 kids in the long brown station wagon getting on each others nerves.  I was the worst cause I was always really gassy.  Not like anything has changed as most of you know 🙂    I’ve been reading everyday in my bible.   I’ve also finished reading “Samson and the Pirate Monks” by Nate Lakin.  I’m convinced of my need for true relationships with other men who know me and my story and my sins.   I’ve cooped up for 36 years and it’s not been good for me.    I’m excited and scared.   Something to pray about.   Any men who want to join me in this journey please let me know and check out this book.  It’s the best book I’ve read on being a real authentic church body and a real authentic man.    I’ve prided myself on being authentic and I strongly believe that’s the last thing I’ve been because I’ve let myself be hidden for so long to protect myself from harm and shame.  The journey has just begun.  🙂

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