>Summer time


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Picture: I took this picture at “the Sea Hagg” on Anna Maria Island

I’m antsy right now.   For several reasons, one being I’m not going to church this weekend.   Yeah, I know, that’s a little crazy.  This is the second weekend I’ve taken off since I started over a year ago 🙂  That in its self is a little crazy.  I’ve taken other time off though and plenty of it, but not any Sunday’s other than one.  The church staff is making me take the weekend off. 🙂 
I like that.  This weekend Brett Blondel is leading and he’s got a great heart and a great talent.   We are blessed to have him be a part of our church family. That said my heart is still nervous that things won’t get set up or put together.  I know I have the people in place to take care of things and I have a peace about them being there, but I just feel awkward not being there.  That means I need to take a weekend off 🙂  It’s silly that I’m having a hard time letting go for just one weekend, but I am.  I love being a part of First Pres’s “Vine” gathering.  I like the coffee I drink each week.  I love my time with the band in the green room prior to the service each week.  I love the band who help lead each week.  I love singing with my wife.   I love seeing the depth of people who are there each week.   That part I really love.  The people who come.   I love getting there before anyone else between 6:30 -7am.  Everything is dark, I go to the booth and warm up the lights, turn on the CD player, turn on the computer, and when Sutton & Kevin show up around 7:15 I go down to set up the band stage.   Then around 8 everyone else begins to show up to set up the rest of the room.  I’m going to miss that this Sunday.  🙂 I might go somewhere else to worship this sunday.  That’s what I need to do. Ok, I feel better now that I’ve written that out.  I’m going to bed now:)  Good night and I’ll see you next week!

One thought on “>Summer time

  1. >I love that picture! And I am glad you got to take sometime off! Enjoy the rest brother! I will be checking back for our project black! And you need to post some photos of your family…I want to see how everyone is!Later,Me.

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