>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-17-08


Songs @ Vine 8-17-08
“At the Cross” by: Mark & Stephen Altrogge
“Praise Your Name” by: Todd Fields
“Desert Song” by: Brooke Fraser (Hillsongs)
“Nailed My Glory” by: NA Band
We had a shorter set this week.   This was a youth missions sunday and the youth pretty much lead the whole morning.  It was a great morning.  Their skit, testimonies and video were excellent and so was the artwork 2 youth were creating throughout the service.  This is also the 3rd sunday we’ve had the new sound set up and the mix has continued to improve thanks to our crazy sound guys. 

More Sunday Set Lists by other Worship Leaders can be found on the Sunday Setlists blog carnival. This is really cool to see and learn from other Worship leaders.   Being able to see what other leaders are doing is teaching me allot.  It’s very helpful and great to see worship leaders finally opening up and sharing what they are doing.  Thanks to Frank Mckinnon for doing this.

2 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-17-08

  1. >Thanks for the hit on my blog. I will get a link to you soon. BTW- I had a friend in college (circa 1990) who like both The Violet Burning and Chegall Guevera. How weird is that?Be Blessed!

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