>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-24-08 & Confessional


Songs @ Vine 8-24-08
More Sunday Set Lists by other Worship Leaders can be found on the Sunday Setlists blog carnival. This is really cool to see and learn from other Worship leaders.   Being able to see what other leaders are doing is teaching me allot.  It’s very helpful and great to see worship leaders finally opening up and sharing what they are doing.  Thanks to Fred Mckinnon for doing this.

“Grace Greater Than Our Sin” by: Julia Johnston/Daniel Towner
“Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
“Praise Your Name” by: Todd Fields
“Desert Song” by: Brooke Fraser (Hillsongs)
“Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
This morning the sound was crisp and the band was grooving.  I played acoustic all morning and my martin sounded very lush today.  I’m loving that guitar more and more each week.  Chad’s guitar was slammin, Kenny was laying down some groove, Zack was filling up the room with low end, Stan was keeping us all together on the keys and Nikki & Michelle sounded amazing singing today.   On the first song “Grace Greater Than Our Sin” it was just just me on Mandolin and the girls who nailed the 3 part harmony.  That was fun and sounded great.  Nikki & Michelle really sound good together.  We were suppose to play Charlie Hall’s “Salvation” at the end but but when we got to the end I just didn’t feel that we were suppose to play it.  I really felt like we needed to go back and sing “Our God Saves” again.  My favorite song this morning was Paul Baloche’s “Our God Saves”.  I wasn’t a fan of the song but felt like that was what God wanted to hear this weekend so we did it.   I’m really glad we did.  It was nice and my favorite song of the morning.  “Desert Song” was another good one.  That song is pretty 🙂  Over all the morning was a good morning.  I’m still having issues with my inears and feel like I might have hurt my ears this morning.   I had it just a little too loud in my ears.  That’s an easy fix I know.  
Turn it down 🙂
On a personal note I’m struggling to find a balance by the time the service starts.  By the time we get to 10:30am for the service I’m worn out.   I’m doing to much in the morning and I need to slow down.  I’m realizing I can’t continue on the path I’m on unless people come beside to help me.   I’m going non stop from 6:30am to 10:30am and don’t have a second to breathe in between.  I’m used to this from my church planting days and I know I’m not alone out.  There are tons of worship leaders out there who are doing to much on sunday mornings.  I’ve met many of you before.  We don’t complain because we love what we do.  Who wouldn’t.  It’s a great job.  But my concern is that I’m not able to focus on what I’ve been called here to do.  My heart is people.  I love music yes, and my greatest joy is singing to God with my wife and church family, but people are what make my heart beat.  
I’m so focused on setting up the band stage, Boy this list sounds pretty simple to me.  It’s really not much.  But by the time we get to the service I’m spent.   
I’m just tired.  I love to come in early help set things up,  I love to love on the musicians, rehearse with them, tune my guitars, love on the musicians, love on people in the room, love on people in the room.  The later I don’t really get to do all on sunday mornings.  I’m about people and I think that’s why I’m feeling like I am.   People are the last thing I’m able to focus on. Maybe I’m just being whinny cause I’m tired.  I got plenty of sleep last night. But it’s quiet possible that’s the case.  I’m going to read in the psalms, rest, play with Quinn, love on Nikki and enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday with my family.  🙂

5 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-24-08 & Confessional

  1. >It’s amazing how much we learn we are capable of doing. I think all of us would love to be able to focus more on one thing, but the main thing is that we continue to invest in the church and fill the needs. I’m always thinking “delegation”, but it’s hard to find people that are capable sometimes. Keep it up, man. It’s not in vain.

  2. >I’m completely getting you on the being worn out before the gathering even starts. I agree with Gary that delegation is the key, but I have the same problem of finding people who are not only capable, but also willing without having 14 things on their plates as well.”Grace Greater” is a good one. We did it this weekend as well.

  3. >”Our God Saves” is a great song. Our folks connect with it more and more every time we do it.Regarding your Sunday morning issues…last month, we started a new position – “Service Producer”. This person gets people on stage…talks to the people who have roles in the service and gets them where they want to be…answers last-minute questions. It is CHANGING OUR LIFE! I actually have time before the service starts to prepare myself spiritually. Amazing. You ought to look into it…

  4. >I have to thank you. You gave me the courage to do “Praise Your name” with our church this Sunday! I have always wanted to sing it with a congregation, and God has been doing an amazing work in our local body. So when I saw it on your blog, I was in! So, thanks!BTW, here’s a link to that song “We Praise You.” It’s live worship so a little grainy, but you can do whatever you want with it. I used to have a lead sheet, now all I have is a chord chart. Sorry.Be blessed!

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