>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-31-08

>Songs @ Vine 8-31-08

Today is Vines 1st Birthday
Currently Listening to: “Desire” by: Phil Wickham
Songs Today
1. “Song of Hope” by: Robbies Seay Band (countdown song)
2. “Holy, Holy, Holy” by: Stephen Curtis Chapman
3. “Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
4. “Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) by: Chris Tomlin
-Prayer Experience
5. “In Christ Alone” by: Keith & Kristyn Getty

Today was a neat day for us @ First Presbyterian Church, Lakeland.  It was Vine’s first birthday.   Vine is our emerging gathering we started a year ago.  Today the band was off andI had Zach play acoustics with me. I broke a string on the Martin right at the end of “Song of Hope” so I moved to the Lowden which worked well for the rest of the set.  It’s just not as pretty sounding as my Martin.   Nikki & Michelle sounded beautiful on vocals as usual.
I really did enjoy this morning.  After I broke that string it seemed like I couldn’t get back up on the horse.  I had lots of little mistakes most people wouldn’t notice with exception to the band guys who know what I was suppose to be doing 🙂 Still I really enjoyed my fellowship with God this morning and playing with Zach, Michelle & Nikki was allot of fun.  I wasn’t really fazed by my hiccup’s 🙂  Which was nice for a change.   Anyways God is good and faithful and I’m utterly in awe of Him and awed by his love for the broken fool I am.   God is good!
More Sunday Set Lists by other Worship Leaders can be found on the Sunday Setlists blog carnival. This is really cool to see and learn from other Worship leaders. Thanks to Fred Mckinnon for doing this.

5 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-31-08

  1. >Glad worship went well despite the broken string and such. I find God seems to work even more amazingly on the days that seem even slightly off to us. 🙂

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