>Songs We Sing @ Vine 9-14-08

>Songs We Sing @ Vine 9-14-08

Currently Listening To: “Soul On Fire” by: Verra Crus
Today I used what I’ve been learning from other worship leaders sets.  I’ve been grabbing things from and learning from other leaders through Fred Mckinnon’s Worship Blog Carnival.  This site is great.  It’s allowing other leaders to learn from each other and network and grow in what we do.  Thanks Fred for doing this!  More Sunday Set Lists can be found here @ “Sunday Set List’s” Blog Carnival.
1. “O Help My Unbelief” by: Indelible Grace
Col 3:16 Reading: Nikki
2. “Rejoice” by: Chris Tomlin
3. “Nail My Glory” by: Na Band
4. “In The Shadow Of The Glorious Cross” by: Sojourn
Message: Pastor Craig
5. “Nothing But The Blood” by: Matthew Smith
6. “In Christ Alone” by: Matt Papa

5 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 9-14-08

  1. >Hey,How cool is this … worship leaders are now networking, sharing their setlists, getting ideas from one another, sharing songs … I love it! that’s what Sunday Setlists is all about!Thanks for being a part!For the Kingdom,Fred McKinnonwww.fredmckinnon.comwww.theworshipcommunity.com

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