>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-05-08

>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-05-08

My listening pleasure this afternoon was  1. The Frames “the Cost” & 2. Phil Wickham “singalong”  Both albums are rich & passionate.  Great music!
Missions Sunday @ Vine
1. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus by: Derek Webb & Sandra McCraken
2. More Than Ever” by: Vineyard “Dwell CD”
3. Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
4. “In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross” by: Sojourn
=Missionaries & Craig=
=Commuion & Prayer Experience=
5. “Nothing Without You” by: Bebo Norman (sung by Brett)
6. “Sing Hallelujah” by: Vineyard “Free to Fly CD”
Today was an interesting day for me.  I was excited about the service but felt blah when I woke up.  Our keyboard player played bass and was incredible.   you couldn’t even tell there wasn’t a bass player.  I was in awe at how much like a bass player he sounded.  It was so cool.   Musically the band was really tight and just in the pocket.  I enjoyed the music allot today.  But what got me most today was not the music.   It was when I was holding the chalice filled with grape juice for communion and 1 by 1 people were coming up and dipping a piece of bread into it.   I started to cry as I saw each person dipping their piece of bread in and out then eating it.   I kept seeing sin being washed in the blood over and over.   I was so clearly reminded of the love God has for me.  That was the most special part of the morning for me.    God is good and I really love my band.   Best crew in Lakeland for sure! 🙂
If you are interested in learning from other worship leaders check out Fred McKinnon’s blog to see the “Sunday Set List” Blog Carnival.   This has been a great help to me.   Thanks to all the worship leaders out there that participate each week.  I lean allot from each other you!

6 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-05-08

  1. >We also did Sing Hallelujah today. I am loving this one – it’s newer to me, but I’m thankful that our other worship leader brought it in along with lots of other good worship songs! :)Thank you for your words about the communion your church did today, very moving.

  2. >I came from a traditional denominational background. I served in many capacities from deacon, elder to licensed minister. Without a doubt the most meaningful was serving the elements of the last supper and praying over the individuals.I’m now a member of a non-traditional, non-denominational church. Because of the constraints of our current location, we are just starting to have communion more often. We meet in an auditorium of a middle school.At first the school wouldn’t allow us to have any “food” in the school. There was a point where we actually filed out of the auditorium, out the front door of the school to be able to partake at the Lord ’s Table outside of the school.We now do it more often. I grew up celebrating communion every Sunday. It has always touched my heart.I miss it…

  3. >Thanks so much for participating in Sunday Setlists – I’m glad it’s been helpful for you, and it has for me, too! I’ve already bought 2 songs off iTunes today, getting ideas from other WL’s!For the Kingdom,Fred McKinnonwww.fredmckinnon.comwww.theworshipcommunity.com

  4. >Communion was a highlight for me as well. I was reminded that the same power that raised Christ from the grave I now know. And I have a hope that beats anything this world has to offer. To the praise of his glory

  5. >Looks brilliant! We may go down in flames (PCUSA) but it’s ministers such as yourself that convince me all the more that a phoenix will rise form the ashes. Rockin’ setlist! Think I’ll have to swing the Robbie Seah next week! Peace out!

  6. >Yeah- I am from Lakeland- used to be heavily involved at FPC. I met you and your family a while back. I came out and was going to play lead for the Vine a year and a half ago or so. I brought my gear to practice with you guys and then never heard from you again. 🙂 I’m glad things are going well for you guys! Craig is an awesome guy. Stay in touch!

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