>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-19-08

>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-19-08

Currently Listening to: “Bluebeard” by: the Cocteau Twins
1. “Washed by the Water” by: Needtobreathe
2. “Your Love is Everything” by: Chris Quilala
3. “What Wondrous Love” by: Tim Timmons
Psalm reading
4. “Nailed my Glory” by: Na Band
5. “Desert Song” by: Hillsong
Prayer Experience
6. “Where You Go I’ll Go” by: Brian & Jenn Johnson
=Message= by: Jordan Vale
7. “In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross” by: Sojourn
For those interested God is teaching me allot in this season of my life.   I’m finally falling on grace and being fully satisfied there.   I’ve always leaned on the emotion of experience through music,  or situations and so forth and have always come up empty after the feeling faded.   I thought I was doing everything for God, but the constant need to feed my emotional cravings and cover up sin, my shame, guilt and fears,  had always left me feeling defeated and emotionally spent by the time Sunday evening had arrived.  I never thought it was me being selfish or performance oriented, but in truth that’s what it was.  On the outside it didn’t look that way but on the inside I was unsatisfied for so many years with my worship experience, my relationships, my job and my relationship with Jesus.  It’s been 31 days now since God has stripped me my these things.   Through some long awaited honesty I have emptied myself of the chains that had kept me in bondage for so many years.   So I finally see myself as the temple I have read about so many times in the bible.  I have nothing inside now but Gods grace.  And for the first time I see that His grace is sufficient for me and I get it.  Sounds silly that I am just now grasping that, but I never let myself before.  I thought only I could handle the things I so much disliked about myself.  With all that shame, guilt and loads of fear how could I ever fully accept or understand Gods grace. I’m thankful to say I finally do and it’s the best and most freeing thing I’ve ever experienced.   Ya know for the first time in ministry I don’t feel like the floor is going to fall out from underneath me.  If it did, there’s not fear there because the floor can’t actually fall out from underneath me.   Because God is there and he is in control.   All I have is Jesus and his grace.  That’s an awesome feeling.   I just wanted to share that today.   God is good, he is beautiful, he is his mighty, he is my redeemer and I love him more than anything.
If you are interested in learning from other worship leaders check out Fred McKinnon’s blog to see the “Sunday Set List” Blog Carnival.   This has been a great help to me.   Thanks to all the worship leaders out there that participate each week.  I lean allot from each other you!

5 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-19-08

  1. >If it makes any difference, “In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross” was written by Sojourn members Brooks Ritter and Rebecca Bales.

  2. >any day you realize that all you have is Jesus and his grace…that’s a great day. Peace bro. I’ll have to check in to your set. I don’t think I’m familiar with most of those songs. Cool. New stuff.

  3. >Hey man, glad you’re liking Boswell’s “To God be the Glory.” Our church has really responded well with that arrangement and we’ve done it a good bit.By the way, I hoping to do Sovereign Grace’s “Only Jesus,” and Hillsong’s “Desert Song” because I saw them on your blog. Thanks.

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