>Songs We Sing @ Vine 11-16-08

>Songs We Sing @ Vine 11-16-08

Currently Listening to: “Put Your Hands Up” Anthony Skinner
1. Because of Your love by: Paul Baloche
2. Blessed Assurance (Third Day Version)
-scripture lesson: nikki
3. Mighty to Save (Laura Story Version)
-prayer experience
4. “Lead me to the Cross” by: Brooke Fraser
5. “Jesus You are Worthy” by: Brenton Brown
We had another acoustic sunday. Last week I felt a little lost without the band but this week I was able to get my groove on.  I had a blast creating groove and building dynamics in the songs. Made me miss my acoustic days from years ago.   My other guitar player was suppose to play but had a serious loss in his family Saturday evening so he was unable to be there.    I felt his burden on me the whole morning.   I got home from church and laid in bed sick till well this morning.   yeah, not fun.  I had company though.  My wife was sick too 🙂
If you are interested in learning from other worship leaders check out Fred McKinnon’s blog to see the “Sunday Set List” Blog Carnival. This has been a great help to me. Thanks to all the worship leaders out there that participate each week. I learn tons from each of you!

2 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 11-16-08

  1. >We did “Because of Your love” also fun song. I think your like the 4th person i’ve read who did “Mighty to Save” this week. It’s in my list of songs to do either this week or next:)

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