>Songs We Sing @ Vine 12-14-08

>Songs We Sing @ Vine 12-14-08

Currently Listening to: “Meet me at the River” by Matthew Ryan
1. “Go Tell It On The Mountain” by: Bebo Norman
2. “O Taste And See”  by: Brain & Jenn Johnson
3. “O Praise Him” by: (crowder) The Glorious Unseen version
4. “God Is With Us” by: Sojourn
Prayer Experience
4. Jesus You Are Worthy” by: Brenton Brown
5. “Before The Throne Of God” by: Sojourn
I missed posting last week due to our house flooding 🙂 Not much fun.  Last week was just one of those weeks.  Things still aren’t done yet but we are moving slowly to where we need to be.  Slowly.   It’s going to cost allot to fix our plumbing.  Blah!  🙂  God is good and in control and I feel that.   I’m just tired of talking with Plumbers and all that jazz.  I just want it fixed.   I’m going to post last weeks songs here in a minute.   
-Today was a good day musically, I was tired.  I think I need a break from leading for a week.   Or I need hot water since it wasn’t working this morning due to some of the things going on around our home due to the flooding.  Crazy I know.  Being bald has it’s advantages 🙂  The hot water heater is fixed now  thanks to George our local handy man.   He’s good and helpful and not expensive!  Blessings…
If you are interested in learning from other worship leaders check out Fred McKinnon’s blog to see the “Sunday Set List” Blog Carnival. This has been a great help to me. Thanks to all the worship leaders out there that participate each week. I learn tons from each of you!

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