>Songs We Sing @ Vine 1-18-09

>Currently Listening to: “Union” CD (by: The Boxer Rebelion)

Really cool new late 80’s post modern sounding band.

Songs We Sing @ Vine
1. “May The Words of My Mouth” by: Shane & Shane
Scripture Reading
2. “Center/Your Grace is Enough” by: Hall & Tomlin
3. “Hosanna” by: Brooke Fraser (Starfield version)
4. “Mighty to Save” by: Reuben Morgan
Message – Pastor Craig
Offering : Pastor Craig
Offering Prayer : HL
5. “Jesus Paid it All” by: Passion
6. “Holy is the Lord” by: Tomlin
Today I had the day off!  It was my first sunday since we started this service over a year ago that I was able to just come in and observe, worship, & mingle. (I’ve had time off, but have been out of town those days) Let me tell you it was very nice!  I loved it actually.  I did have a small part and that was leading in a prayer for the offering.  I used a prayer that I got from “The Worship Sourcebook”.  I found out about that resource from Sojourn Church’s worship list that I saw on Fred Mckinnon’s Song List Blog.  Anyhow it fit perfectly with what Pastor Craig taught on today and set the tone for the reality of what our worship and offering are all about.  We said it together as a church today.  I enjoy doing that.  Something about it hearing the church say prayers together aloud.  Anyways, the band was pretty kickin today and Brett who is one of our guitar players lead today.  It was stinking awesome.   Brett lead really well and the band sounded great.  It was really nice to be able to sit back and worship.   I’m going to do that more often now and continue to give more leadership over to the band and let them lead.   They just did great.
If your interested in learning from and networking with other leaders check out Fred Mckinnon’s blog.   See his “Set List Blog” to see what others leaders are doing on Sundays.  It’s help me a ton!  Always growing and learning…

8 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 1-18-09

  1. >Amen brother… kudos for showing servant leadership! I honestly struggle with it, but God brings the right people around… we just need to be faithful that it’s His deal not ours!

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