>Songs We Sing @ Vine 1-25-09

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“I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris”  by: Morrissey 
-My wife and I are going to see him in March!  I can’t wait. I’m a huge Morrissey & Smiths fan.

Songs We Sing @ Vine
1. “Lead On O King Eternal” by: Indelible Grace Music
Scripture reading
2. “Be The Centre” : Jami Smith version
3. “Beautiful One” : Jeremy Camp version
4. “No Other Name” by: Todd Fields (Northpoint live version)
5. “Sweetly Broken” by: Jeremy Riddle (Vineyard Live version)
Offering : Jess Kostella
Offering Prayer :  Congregation
5. “More of Jesus” : Old Hymn gone Indigo Girls (Blayne Chastain version)
Message : Pastor Mike
7. “Lead On O King Eternal” by Indelible Grace Music (rockin!)
Benediction : Pastor Mike
Today was allot of fun.  I haven’t enjoyed a service this much in a long time.  Just the whole morning.  The feeling in the air, the people taking care of each other, the pastor loving on the people in the room, the volunteers serving.  It was nice.  I felt Gods peace.   We had a packed room which was really great to see also because there were so many new young families.   Also our lead pastor always brings a joy to the room when he teaches in Vine.  And yesterday was no different.  There was a video glitch.  No sound even though they had already run the thing prior to the service and it worked.   Go figure 🙂 ha.  Right as I was going into the first chord to sing on “Beautiful One” I kicked my foot down and yanked my guitar cable out of my tele and so I was late on the intro of the song, so I started it differently after that.  I was laughing as well because the band guys were laughing at me.  It was funny.  (I stomp my feet when the music is rockin and well this time it got me:)  It all went smoothy and our time of singing was great.   Pastor Mike really hit it home.  My favorite songs this week were  “Lead On O King Eternal”  It’s such a Tom Petty rock version of an old hymn.   It was rocking and I just love power of the words.   Also “More of Jesus” was just cool.  I think Brett & I sounded like the “Indigo Girls” with both our Martin acoustic strumming all crazy on that tune.  Blayne Chastain is a worship pastor in CO who is good friend from my days in Nashville.  He rewrites hymns and has written some really good tunes to some great old hymns.   After church I ate 2 slices of Pizza and then went to the field to practice with the Old Guys football team.   One of my drummers and I are on the team.  We are easy to spot.  Skinny, very white and clueless 🙂 The rest of the guys, um, I’ll just say are Big!  And they all know what they are doing.  I had so much fun though and caught everything they threw at me!  I thought I was more out of shape than I really was.   It felt so good to be running around like that and being able to catch the ball and score like I did. Being a guitar player has it’s advantages 🙂   My body is very sore today 🙂  ha.   Next sunday after church we have our “Youth VS the Old Guys” football game Fundraiser for the Youth’s mission trip.   I can’t wait!
If your interested in Networking with other worship leaders check out Fred Mckinnon’s blog. There you’ll find “The Set List Blog” and be able to see what other leaders like yourself are doing.  It’s helped me a ton!!!!

One thought on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 1-25-09

  1. >”Lead On O King Eternal” I’ve never heard that hymn. I like Sweetly Broken personally. We’ve done it twice but I’ve never brought it back because no one else seemed to like it.I guess maybe its one of those songs that works in some places and not so much in others. For us I think it was to wordy.

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