>Songs We Sing @ Vine 2-08-09

>Currently Listening to: “the stars” by: Moby

1. “The Undiscovered” by: the Rock ‘n Roll Worship Circus
Psalm reading
2. “Come and Sing” by: Sojourn Music
3. “You have lifted me out” by: Chris Tomlin
4. “Beautiful Jesus” by: Kristian Stanfill
5. “The Wonderful Cross” by: Robbie Seay Band
6. “O The Love of my Redeemer” by: Harvest Bible Chapel (love the words!)
Message : Pastor Craig
Prayer Experience
7. “O The Love of my Redeemer” by: Harvest Bible Chapel
Right now is the first time I’ve had the chance to sit down and blog.  Since yesterday morning at 6:40am I feel like Ive not stopped 🙂  So much going on around here.   Sunday was a fun day musically.  And I stepped away from the mic some and let people sing.  I get fearful when I do that cause I can’t hear people with my inears in and well it’s hard to tell if people are singing.   It seemed to work this week.   I think a few tunes we played a tad faster than needed but over all the songs went well.   Sunday mornings go by so fast I sometimes feel like “wow, what just happened?”  Did we even sing?  I know we did 🙂  It’s such a short time and want to sing more with our people and sit in the presence of God more.  I think that feeling falls on my lack this past week of doing just that.  Sitting with God.   Soaking up his words, and his comfort.  I so badly want to be the man God wants me to be.  I’m also very selfish and I can stake out time for me that has nothing to do with God.  I dislike this part of myself very much.    Anyways, I’ve been working really hard on next weeks service which is full of all kinds creative elements.  We have 6 artist painting, and a bunch of other artistic things going on.  I’ll tell more later.  I’m so tired I’m going to go rest.   
If your interested in networking with other worship leaders check out Fred Mckinnon’s blog
There you’ll find the “sunday set list” blog and be able to see what other are doing and experiencing.  Enjoy!

One thought on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 2-08-09

  1. >I can’t believe you sorted through my sock drawer.I am embarrassed. Well, I guess I can have my Hannah stuff if you can have your Martha Stewart signature series Depend undergarments.Keep rockin’ em HL.BTW – I love the vibe you guys have in your set list. What kind of electrics are going on behind you? Guessing warm hollowbody type stuff…Blessings.

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