>Songs We Sing @ Vine 2-15-09


(This was the final product of 6 artist today)

(These are banners that were hung in the room)

(This was our promotional artwork for the day today)

Today was a special day @ FPC called “Palette”.  It was a day all about Jesus Christ.  We had readings, spoken word, prayers, painting, songs, teachings, communion & offering.  It was a day I put allot of time into.  Did it go how I planned it?  Um, let say no 🙂 Not how I planned it but how God would have had it go 🙂  God is purifying me.   It’s not been a comfortable process. Never is.  One moron moment for me this morning was when I was trying to light the candle for the family in the first part of the service.  Um I sat there for about 20 seconds or so and no light.  Hmmm.  Then I realized it was an electric candle.  Moron!  Man, that was just one thing.  There were several things this morning like that. 🙂  Anyways, we had 4 sections.   The Gift, His Passion, The Ransom, Our Hope. So here’s how our morning went.
(The Gift)
: Painting starts:
1. “Open the Gates” by: Rock n Roll Worship Circus 
2.”Undiscovered” by: Rock n Roll Worship Circus
3. “God is With Us” by: Sojourn Church
-Antaya Family brings down the candle and reads Luke 1:26-33
4. Kids Etc. Choir sings “Joy to the World” 
-Congregational reading of a Lent Prayer from: “the Worship Source” book.
(His Passion)
5. “Come & Sing” by: Sojourn Church
6. “More Than Ever” by: Vineyard Music
7. “O Taste & See” by: Brian & Jenn Johnson
– Prodigal Son teaching Lead by: Kenny Ellis
8. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” by: Covenant Life Church mixed with Passion’s version.
(The Ransom)
-Dramatic reading of the christ journey to the cross by: Walter Williford
Communion: Pastor David Drain
Offering moment lead by: Nikki McConnell
Offering song: “Breathe” by: Passion (Amanda & Colton; youth worship leaders)
(Our Hope)
-“Psalm 23” dramatic reading by: His Company drama ministry
-Paintings come together (this painting was amazing!  It’s the one you see up top.  The painting was done by 6 different each on their own canvas that was actually wood.  The artists are from our Artworship group that meets during institute on Wed evenings.)
9. “O Happy Day” by: Tim Hughes (North Point Live version)
There were a few other parts and songs that we had to put aside because of time.  I wish we could have longer services.  Maybe one day 🙂
Check out Fred McKinnon’s Blog and see the Sunday Set List to see other worship leaders blogs to see what they are doing at their churches.  It’s been good for me.  Blessings…HL

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