>Songs We Sing @ Vine 2-22-09


(Picture from last weeks worship gathering)
Currently listening to: “Wonderful” by: Darrell Evans
Darrells new CD “Nothing Less Than Everything” is really well produced and full of great tunes. It’s a great comeback CD if you could call it that 🙂  Best CD he’s done since “Freedom”.
Songs we did today 2-22-09
1. “We Are Listening” by: Sojourn Music
Call to Confession & Prayers of Confession
Assurance of Pardon
2. “Come thou Fount” by: David Crowder Band
3. “Beautiful Jesus” by: Kristian Stanfill
4. “You Never Let Go” by: Matt Redman
5. “O The Love of my Redeemer” by: Harvest Bible Chapel
Message : Pastor Mike
6. We Are Listening (reprise)
Benediction : Pastor Mike
7. “You Never Let Go” by: Matt Redman (as people left) 
This morning was really a fun morning for me.  We had Brett & I on acoustics and vocals and Joe on drums.  Oh it was fun. Both Brett and I have Martin acoustics with nice systems in them so the room was very full sounding and Joe on drums it was very full.  Joe is really good with this kind of set up.  Joe could sit in with Ben Harper or John Mayer and not miss a step. It was fun.  “Come thou Fount” was my favorite song.  It was really rockin and so full sounding.   Brett played all the cool stuff on on his acoustic and sang beautiful harmonies.
You know today there was little to no stress due to a great set up team.  Thank you Sutton & Chad.  (Chad’s one of my other great drummers AKA stick breaker)
Best thing for me today was singing these songs.  The theme running through the tunes was rich.  I really noticed the effect on people.  I saw more tears, more release, more brokenness, more response, more singing.   After I put the list together I noticed how each tune dealt with brokenness in the reality of life and the redeeming power of Jesus in each song.  Each tune dealt with grief and loss and the great love of God through the power of Christ to heal and restore.   It was a great way to start off Lent.   It was a rich morning which is not always the case for me.  I’m usually worn out by the time service starts and so forth.  This was very nice. Hmmm, did I sa that 🙂 
Check out Fred Mckinnon’s blog to find other worship leaders posting their set lists from their sunday worship on “Sunday Set Lists“.   I have learned a ton from so many other leaders.  

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