>Songs We Sing @ Vine 3-22-09


Currently listening to: “Sirens in the Deep Sea” by: Longwave
Currently reading: Matthew 11 & 12
3-22-09 @ Vine
1. “Magnificent” by: U2 (countdown song)
Welcome/scripture prayer/Call to worship (call & response)
2. “O the Love of my Redeemer (Vs 1 & Ch only) by: Harvest Bible Chapel
3. “Your Grace is Enough” by: Matt Maher
4. “Not to Us” by: Tomlin
5. “Lord of All” by: Kristian Stanfill
Confession Prayer
Silent Confesion
6. “To Christ the Lord” by: Indelible Grace Music
Offering & Small Group Video (Sammy Snorkel)  
7. “Jesus Paid it All” by: Fernando Ortega
Today was a good day.   We started with a new U2 song and that was allot of fun.  Great words and very worshipful.  About mid way through we really hit a stride on that one.  Then one of our liturgist welcomed everyone and prayed (a lent prayer from the “Worship Source” book) then asked the church to join her in the call to worship which was a lent call and response taken from the “Worship Source” book also.
Then we sang the first verse and chorus to a new modern hymn written by a guy who used to be in the 90’s band “the smokin popes”  “O the love of my Redeemer” is one of my favorite new hymns.  The words and hook in the chorus is really beautiful and powerful.   We only sang the first verse and first chorus.  Then we went straight into “Your Grace is Enough” ( which I played some really bad chords for some reason.  Done that song a million times.  That was frustrating) then “Not to Us” & “Lord of All”.  Then Lori one of our singers read a Call to Confession taken from the “Worship Source book” and I began to play the songs she was singing.  Well, Lori looked at me and reminded me I forgot to do the time of confession 🙂  So I stopped and quoted  part of 1st Peter 2:24 that I got from “the Worship Source book” and we had a moment of silent confession.   Silence is golden to me.  I don’t get it much at all unless I’m asleep.   I’m not sure how everyone else felt but I savored that moment.   Then Lori lead “To Christ The Lord”. Brett & I played acoustic and George one of High schoolers played Violin.  That hymn has great words.  To many of them I think but it’s full of so much truth and was our Assurance of Pardon.   Then we had our message and offering.   We did use a video today called “Sammy Snorkel” that was so funny and a great video for small groups.  Then the pastor closed the offering time and we all sang Fernando Ortega’s beautiful version of “Jesus Paid it All” just piano and voices.   Well I found out after the service they had the wrong translation on the screens.  They told me they weren’t sure what language it was in.    People sang it but that cracks me up.  I know the associate pastor was probably mad about that one.  🙂  Funny.  I had a hard time getting through the song because of the words and the piano.   Today my guitar players wife sang with us for the first time and she was awesome.   My wife leads the childrens service every other week so she’s not singing with me now every week.   Jess is a local musician and a pro.  It was allot of fun singing with her today.   Ok time to play with my son and dogs.   My wife bought a new puppy yesterday.  Now we have 2 mini daschunds. 🙂  My son is in dog heaven with the new puppy.
Check out Fred Mckinnon’s blog and look at his Song Set list blog to see other worship leaders sets from today.   It’s a blessing to me.

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