>Songs We Sing @ Vine 3-29-09


(picture of Quinn & Me in our backyard)
Currently Listening to” “The Highest Praise” 
by: The Father’s House
3-29-09 @ Vine
1. “Come & Sing” by: Sojourn Music (walk in music)
Welcome & Call to Worship – Jess
2. “Our God Saves” by” Paul Baloche
3. “Because of Our Love” by: Brenton Brown
Prayer – Nikki
4. “Praise to the Lord the Almighty” by: Covenant Life Church/Passion mix
Offering – Pastor Craig
5. “Only Jesus” by: Sovereign Grace Music
Message –  by: Cecelia Moore
6. “You Are My King” by: Billy Foote
Today was a fun day with allot of energy.  We had a really stripped down service band.  We had Keys and me on acoustic guitar.  I was singing along with my wife Nikki and Michelle.   It was a fun morning.   Stan our keyboard player is a great piano player has mastered the use of our keyboard to create vibe and mood.  I loved what he did today.   It was like he was the bass player, guitar player, synth and piano player all in one.   There was allot of energy between us this morning.   Nikki lead “Praise to the Lord and “You are my King” and sounded beautiful.   I love the version of Praise that we do.  We do a blend of how Coventant Life does it and how Passion does it on the Passion Hymns CD.   “You Are My King” was just Nikki & Michelle singing with Stan on Piano.  I loved how it sounded.   I don’t think we had many if any technical issued today like we’ve been plagued with over the last several weeks.   Going acoustic was a blessing this morning.   Next week Warren Barfield is going to be a part of our worship gathering because he’s doing a concert after church on our front lawn.  
Check out Fred Mckinnon’s Song Set List blog to see what other worship leaders are doing.  It has been a blessing to me.

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