>Songs We Sing @ Vine 4-12-09


(Funny family shot from a few weeks ago)
Currently Listening to: “Fight Outta You” by: Ben Harper
Easter @ Vine
1. “Jesus Paid it All” by: Fernando Ortega (instrumental) (walk in music)
2. “Be Thou My Vision” by: Church of Wrightville (procession)
Call to Worship
3. “I Stand Amazed” by: North Point Live
4. “Beautiful One” by: Tim Hughes
5. “Jesus Messiah” by: Chris Tomlin (in G)
6. “How deep is the fathers love for us” by: Stuart Townend
Foot washing story/Skit by: the amazing Walter Williford
Message – Pastor Craig
7. “Glory in the Highest” by: Tomlin
8. “Happy Day” by: Tim Hughes
Today I’ve been reading a book titled “Killing Cockroaches” by Tony Morgan.   I’m reading it because I’ve been chasing cockroaches in ministry since I’ve been here in FL.   Sunday’s service went really well.   People were moved and experienced the love of God.   But I had something ugly rear it’s head in me.   It’s hard to say what it was.   I think I was angry.  At what I’m not totally sure.   There were some really bothersome technical issues with my in ears.  They basically decided not to work once the service started.  That was frustrating.   Plus the band was not as prepared as I should have let them be.  That’s my fault.  Are those what got to me? I’m not sure.  I thought later in the afternoon that really allot of my stress, not all of it but some of it could be limited by better preparation, and more prayer.   I did not like what I saw inside me yesterday.   I know I need a break away from planning services each week.  That’s coming in 2 weeks thankfully!  The waves at the beach are calling me! So is the seafood! Yeah baby!  I mean I love what I do.   I can’t imagine doing anything else.   What I love the most about my job is the people I get to work with.  My band is like a family.   I really have a love for all the musicians I’ve worked with over the last 8 years (with some exceptions).  I miss many of them because I grew beside them and they grew beside me while I was serving at their churches.  I feel the same way about the crew I work with now.   Anyways, I’m better today and need to run home to grill out for the family.   I hope everyone else had a great Easter!

2 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 4-12-09

  1. >I think part of what you may have been experiencing was just the enemy messin’ with you! We start watching for how he’s going to mess with us the weeks leading up to Easter. And every single year without exception annoying things begin to happen to our staff and their families! We pray and rest in the assurance of the Lord and stay focused to the best of our ability! I say ALL that to say, you are not alone brother!! All of us in leadership could prepare better, could pray more, could beat ourselves up over many things. Don’t do it!I am glad you can grill out and take it easy tonight.

  2. >Lori is right. Don’t beat yourself up. You’re too valuable to let Satan’s army get one over. What I think you’re doing is what I do. I want each Sunday to be the best it can be. Why? Not because I want people to come up afterwards and say, “Wow. Kendall, that was an amazing day!” If that’s why we were doing this – we’d have been run out a long time ago. No – I want to feel the Holy Spirit say, “That was a fragrant offering. Your heart pleased God today and you helped others to do the same.” I am driven to achieve that feeling each and every week. When I am separated from Him during the week (Whether it is by busyness or lazyness or something else), my offering is never what it could be, and I can’t stand that.Sometimes a good period of fasting and praying is just what we need to refocus our efforts. I know it helps me – and I’m not as regular a “faster” as I should be.Just know that His grace covers you, and He sees your righteous frustration. He’ll bless it and bring a stronger worship leader from this trial.He always does.Be blessed – You are in the palm of His hand.Kendall

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