>Songs We Sing @ Vine 4-19-09


(Chad Fasnacht, HL McConnell, Adam Geyer, Spring Retreat 1991)
Currently Listening to: “If I should fall from Grace CD” by: The Pogues
1. “Wonderful” by: Brenton Brown {walk in music}
2. “Wonderful” (taught this one this morning)
3. “Everlasting God” by: Brenton Brown
4. “How Great is Our God” by: Chris Tomlin
Offering – Lori Long
5. “How Deep the Fathers love for Us” by: Stuart Townend
Message – Pastor Mike
Sending of Missionaries.
Pastors 10 year recognition
6. “Great is thy Faithfulness” By: Scott Reed’s version
Today was a great day.  Wow, those are words you don’t always here me say 🙂 I had not technical issues at all today!  Not one.  Really,  I loved today and felt a freedom I hadn’t felt in I can’t remember when.   We only had a 3 piece musically.  I had one of my drummers, myself on electric and acoustic guitars, and my keyboard player on Bass and keys.   He’s done it before and it works actually very well when we don’t have a bass player.    Today I felt free to lead without fear or any hesitation.  Honestly I haven’t felt that way in years.   Today was a first and I hope one of many to come.  So this morning after the welcome, I taught the song “Wonderful” by: Brenton Brown by singing everyone the verse, pre-ch and chorus and having them sing it back to me. Then after that I had the band come in and we did the whole song.   It’s a fun song with great words.   Check it out.   During “Everlasting God” something happened that was beautiful to see.   I saw people let go like I‘ve not seen before at our church.  Not just a few but allot of people.  And it was almost spontaneous.  It was beautiful to see I tell ya 🙂  The whole morning was nice.   I was blessed to be a part of it.    
The picture above is of myself with two friends of mine who used to make me laugh allot in youth group.  Chad was my closest friend back then.  We had a neat bond.  Like brothers. He was also my first Chad passed away in a car wreck a few days after I graduated.   Last week Adam passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm.   He’s the same age as me.  36.  I found out late Friday and had a hard time sleeping.   Both guys loved the lord and I know where they are.   My heart was really heavy friday night at the loss.  I lost touch with Adam after graduating and moving to TN for school.  I had tried to find him many times with no luck.   So friday was the first time I found out he had a wife and 4 girls.  My heart hurts more for them I think.   I know God is still good and that he is provider.  My prayers are with Adam’s family.   
Other worship leaders sets can be found on Fred Mckinnon’s blog.  Look for Sunday Set Lists.  I’ve learned allot visiting this blog each week! Check it out!

5 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 4-19-09

  1. >HL – Man. HL you have been having some heavy weeks. I pray for your friends family. God is going to take care of them in ways we can’t comprehend. He is greater than this world. You have a sentence where you say he was your first… and you don’t finish it. First what? Keep praising God. He has you in the palm of His hand. I love this set list. Looks like I would have enjoyed this Sunday with you.I play on wednesdays with a keyboardist and a drummer. We can fill the space with the 3 of us…Granted I am playing a Les Paul through a Pod X3 Live and modeling a clea amp through the left and a distorted amp through the right. So it sounds like 2 guitars….Anyway – praying for you brother…

  2. >Sounds like you really needed a Sunday where you really felt free to just worship. I find that peace and freedom often when we use smaller set ups, even just guitar and keys.

  3. >So glad you had such an awesome freedom in worship this week. I am sure it was very refreshing at a time like this. So sorry to hear of your friends death.

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