>ArtWorship Studio @ FPC


Currently Listening to: Lovelite “all color” CD (so good, so good!)
I work with a group of artists from our church every wednesday evening @ FPC and last week we got back to creating art again after a rather long break.   Several of the artist have painted a few times in our Vine worship gathering since our break started.   But last Wed was our official start back.  It was really exciting for me because I felt like I had finally grabbed hold of a more solid vision for ArtWorship Studio @ FPC.    So for each series we do in Vine I get a run down/scripture being taught on a good month or more a head of time.   What I did last week was exciting to me because the first 5 minutes or I just soaked up II Cor. 9: 6-12 which is what Pastor Mike taught on this past Sunday.  It was a peaceful moment in my day where all I had was “The Innocence Mission” lightly playing in the background and Gods word gently reminding me how He is provider.   I then looked through a picture file that I’ve had sinceHighschool.  Really it’s been that long I’ve been collecting pictures that I thought would be cool to draw.  I looked through a few other artbooks for ideas to match what I was feeling inside.   I found an unlikely picture that to most would not make any comparison to the scripture I was reading but to me it did.   My medium was a charcoal pen and paper.  Honestly it’s the first real drawing I’ve done in years.  Many years.  I’ve not worked with Charcoal either in forever.  So it I had to relearn how it smudges allot 🙂  I did some smudging purposely too.  I’ve not finished it and will work on it more this week.   I’m excited to continue the adventure of soaking up Gods word and expressing his love for me through different mediums during this next season of ArtWorship Studio.   Come by on Wed evenings and join us in the Artroom.  Between the Main office and the Gym.  You can bring your own materials to work with or use ours.   We meet every Wed from 6:30 to 7:30 or later.  It’s not allot of time, but some of us stay till 8 when we can.  It’s hard when you have kids 🙂 Above is what I’ve started working on.   My interpretation of II Cor. 9:6-12 .  It’s far from finished but on it’s way. 🙂

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