>Songs We Sing @ Vine 5-10-09


(my family at the beach 2 weeks ago)
Currently listening to: “Up to you now” by: Ben Harper & relentless7
Ben Harpers new CD is brilliant.  
So full of raw passion & life.  I’m loving it.
I’m also really into Jars of Clay’s new one.   
Their best project by miles.  
1. “Bless Your Name” by: Jeremy Riddle (Walk in Music)
Psalm 100 reading & Welcome
2. “Everlasting God” Todd Fields version
3. “My Faith Has Found a Resting Place” b: Brian Oaks
4. “Holy, holy, holy” by: Stephen Curtis Chapman
5. “Glorious & Mighty” by: Sovereign Grace Music
Passing the peace – I forgot to do it today.  Oops
Message – Pastor Mike
6. “The Highest Praise” by: The Fathers House
Today was a good day.   I don’t have much time to write because of mom’s day.   So this will be short.   Check out Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Set List Blog to see what other leaders are doing.

2 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 5-10-09

  1. >Yes we did the intro. I have been blessed with a really good band who can pretty much do anything which has been really fun for cool intro’s and and well the fun stuff 🙂

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