>Songs @ Vine 5-17-09


(me last week with a Tie on for Mothers Day.  Something I do just for my mom)
Currently Listening To: “Don’t Stop” by: Jars of Clay
1. “Wonderful” by: Brenton Brown (walk in music)
Welcome & Prayer
2. “Bless His Name” by: Jeremy Riddle
2. “The Highest Praise” by: The Fathers House
3. “My Faith has Found a Resting Place” by: Brian Oaks
4. “O the Love of my Redeemer” by: Harvest Bible Church
5. “I’m am Free” (Promise Keepers version)
Today was a fun day but somewhat strange musically.  We didn’t have a bass player today so Stan (keyboards) played bass on one keyboard and keys on another.  How he does that I’ll never know 🙂   It went well but there were times it didn’t work.  “The highest praise” didn’t work well today.  It just tanked.  We’ve not really had any real tankers so it was about time we had one 🙂  It just didn’t work this week.  We were off and couldn’t find the center of the song.  It was one of those you wish you could just stop playing and go on to the next one.  The rest of the tunes went pretty well though.   My favorite tune this week was “O the Love of the my Redeemer” at least for me.   The church was not singing it today.  Which was odd.  The words and melody are amazing on this song.   The words alone are so powerful!  I couldn’t figure that one out.  They sang so quietly on it.   The band sounded good though and the mix was very good.   It was a little discouraging people not engaging with such a good song.  And I’ve seen them engage with it before and really sing it.  I just don’t know.   Is it my fault people weren’t singing?   I didn’t do any new songs this week either.   Could it be sin in my life?   Or was it because it was the song was after Offering and Baptism and offering buckets were going down and people were sitting down?  We started to sing after the buckets were almost gone.  I know I can’t sit and sing.  Or at least I don’t enjoy it. I should have asked them to stand one more time I guess.  Well, it was what it was. 🙂
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2 thoughts on “>Songs @ Vine 5-17-09

  1. >Here’s what I’m realizing. I’m not trusting God. If I was fully trusting the spirit to lead I would not worry about such things. It’s not my fault. I know that. I’m seeing there are ways though that i can help teach people what the words mean and how they point to our need for Jesus. And out of that we sing. Things like that. I’ve been full of pride lately thinking about my own woes. That selfish pride has weighed me down. I can see that pretty clear 🙂 Thanks for your words. Blessings…

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