>songs @ Vine 5-24-09


(painting by on of the artists in our “Palette” artist group)
Currently listening to: “Raise the Dead” by: Colin Devlin
1. “Remedy” by: David Crowder Band (walk in music)
Welcome &  Call to Worship
2. “Come Thou Fount” by: Upper Room
3. “Blessed be Your Name” by: Upper Room version
4. “Because of Your Love” by: Paul Baloche
5. “Before the Throne of God” by: Sojourn Music
Message : Pastor Drain
Experience of prayer and healing
6. “O the Deep, Deep Love” by: Sovereign Grace Music
Wow, this is the latest I’ve ever blogged my song set in the last 44 weeks.   This past Sunday was a neat Sunday for me.  The singing was a sweet time but what was most powerful for me was after the message on healing from our past.  Myself and one of the other pastors stood upfront and people came to us as we anointed them with oil and prayed for them.   When we were done I was so unsettled.   I think I prayed for about 20 people and the weight of the needs and hurts was really heavy and when I was done I walked behind the curtain and fell to the ground and wept.   I thought what makes me worthy to pray for these people.  The list of prayers was overwhelming.  Who am I but an awful sinner to pray for these souls.  I felt like I needed to be prayed for.  I’m full of complexity, guilt, pride, and a past that haunts me.    This past Sunday awakened me to a need for prayer.  I need to pray more but I need prayer myself.  I need to be more obedient to God.  I need to live more in His word than I do with music, facebook, and TV.   God I need you more.   More than the stuff of my life.  I repent of needing things that fill the space of my life where you should be.   I’ve lost grasp of who you have called me to be.   I want you back.  I need a rescue.  I don’t just want to sing about you, but I want to breathe you, experience you, live you.  I need you.
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