>Songs We Sing @ Vine 5-31-09


Currently listening to: “Living in a Dream” by: The Arc Angels
1. “Come Spirit of God” by: FUSE – Sovereign Grace Music
Welcome & Prayer
2. Blessed Be Your Name by: Upper Room Worship version
3. “Nailed My Glory” by: Na Band
4. “Perfect in Beauty” by: Vineyard Norden “Desire CD”
5. ” We Are Listening” by: Sojourn Music
Message – Tim Timmes
6. “We are listening (reprise)
Closing thoughts – Tim Timmes
7. “The Highest Praise” by: The Fathers House”
I’m pretty worn out right now.  Sundays are so fast paced and full of emotion and energy that I’m just pooped by the time I get home.   Quinn (my 7 year old) and I are on the couch right now watching “Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire”.  What a great afternoon.   I love my son.   Anyways, the morning went well.  It was pretty rocking and just busy.  I hope the rest of you had great worship gatherings.  
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4 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 5-31-09

  1. >Okay, I don’t know a single song on the list. I can relate to the spent feeling after the service is over. I frequently just need some time to do nothing. Listen to nothing. Talk to nobody. Just recharge. Sons are cool. (So are daughters.) I still love playing with my son. Now that he’s 14, we play guitar hero and play music together, instead of checkers, go fish, and Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

  2. >I agree with the spent feeling. We have a 6:00 service, and it's often tough to come back, but Sunday nights are amazing – just relaxing with my wife and daughters.

  3. >Echoing the spent feeling…and often it’s hard to get back for our (thankfully early) evening service. But I always enjoy being there so much, I can’t imagine not doing it.I’d better do some more song research too – this is why I love these setlists posts!

  4. >Completely identify with the crashing after church. I have been also teaching a Sunday School elective this quarter, so I have been really, really spent by the time I get home! My La-z-boy and I have bonded a lot!But it's a good thing though. Like Windbag & David…need to research you songs…cool!Blessings!

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