>Songs @ Vine 6-07-09


Currently listening to: Jakob Dylan “Seeing Things” CD)
This disc is brilliant.  Every track is beautiful and well written.
(artwork by: “Palette” which is our art group at church)
1. “Amazing Grace”
2. “Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
3. “Psalm 103” by: The Fathers House
4. “Desert Song” by: Hillsongs United
DR mission trip Commisioning
5. “He Leadeth Me” by: Sarah Watkins
6. “We are Listening” by: Sojourn Music
Message – Pastor Mike
7. “I Will Trust You” by: Chris Lizotte
8. “Psalm 103 (reprise)
Today was a great day but I’m really pooped.  Long morning.  The singing part of our worship this morning was refreshing and the band did a fine job today.  My wife Nikki sounded beautiful leading “Desert Song” & “He Leadeth Me”.   We had lighting issues again today which was suppose to be fixed but well I guess they didn’t really fix it. 🙂  The lights were flickering so badly that I was starting to feel sick as I’m sure there were other people who were feeling it from the flashing lights.  So we turned them off and had to use our florescent lighting for the gym.   We sang allot today causing us to go over 10 minutes.   It’s hard to only have an hour for worship.   Makes it hard to really let the spirit lead when you only have 20 minutes for singing and you know it takes that for your people to relax and start to sing.    Still the morning went very well over all.  Nap time, then dinner, then Orlando VS LA tonight!
Check out Fred Mckinnon’s blog and the Song Set List there to see what other worship leaders are doing around the globe.

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