>Songs @ Vine 6-14-09


Currently Listening to: “Be Exalted” by: Cory Asbury
Picture taken on my iphone in the back yard
1. “We are Listening” by: Sojourn Music
Call & Response/Psalm 100
2. “Holy, holy, holy” by: Stephen Curtis Chapman
3. “Psalm 103” by: The Fathers House
4. “Jesus Paid it All” by: Passion 
Offering Moment
5. “I will trust You” by: Chris Lizotte
6. Song by Randy
7. “Everlasting God” by: Brenton Brown
Today we started out acoustic summer and it was nice!   Set up is so much easier with 2 acoustic guitars!  Next week we’ll add in some percussion but still acoustics only.  We’ll add piano in and some mandolin and some Uke as well over the weeks.  
I’m tired and need a nap! 🙂  So our lights are still messed up!  Crazy, hopefully the lighting company will get it fixed for good this week!  They really need to for VBS and all the camps going on this summer, not to mention worship each sunday!  Ugh 🙂  Honestly it’s been good to not have all the fancy lights for a few weeks.   Just a good reminder to all of us that we don’t need any of it.  I hope your mornings went well too. 
Check out Fred Mckinnon’s blog and his Sunday Set list to see what other worship leaders are doing.   God is good, so good.

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