>Songs We Sing @ Vine 6-21-09


Wow, this disc is awesome! Loving it!
1. “Marvelous Light” by: Charlie Hall
2. “Psalm 33” by: Greg & Amanda Blasche
Call to Worship (call & response)
Prayer of Confession (all together)
Assurance of Pardon was then sang using
3. “Mighty to Save” (Laura Story version)
4. “It is Well” by: Aaron Keyes
Message – Kenny Ellis
5. “I will trust You” by: Chris Lizotte
Well, it’s a few days late because I’ve been swamped with VBS this week. Wow, what a week full of much joy and laughter. It’s been good. Pictures to follow. and they are funny. Yes I was asked to lead the music. But that’s to easy 🙂 I wanted to do something fun and crazy so I decided I would become the Bible Character for the day. Each day 🙂 that has turned out to be very funny to say the least. Anyways, back to the songs from last Sunday. They went really well. We are acoustic all summer which is what we did last summer and it’s going very well. People are learning to sing and absorb the words more without the loud electrics and drums and keys. I love being able to hear people sing even with my inears in. That’s nice. The whole morning was beautiful and was a blessing to be a part of.
Join other worship leaders on Fred Mckinnon’s website/blog on the Sunday Set List blog he has there.

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