>Songs We Sing @ Vine 6-28-09


The montage above is from VBS last week. I lead the music but also became the Bible Buddy each day. That was crazy! 🙂
The kids loved seeing what I was going to do each day. Much laughter and fun! 🙂 All for the Glory of God!
(I was a Firefly, Some kid of bird, Alligator, Opossum, & a Turtle)

Call to Worship (from the Open Source Book online)
1. “Beautiful One” by: Tim Hughes
2. “In Christ Alone” : Matt Papa version
3. “Come Thou Fount” : David Crowder version
– 50 VBS kids joined me in leading from this point
4. “I will not be Afraid” : Crocodile Doc song
5. “God is Always with us” : Crocodile Doc song
6. “You are my King” : Billy Foote
7. “Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) : Tomlin
8. “Our God Reigns” by: Paul Baloche (Vs & Chorus only)

Join other worship leaders on Fred Mckinnon’s website/blog on the Sunday Set List blog he has there.

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