>Songs we Sing @ Vine 7-19-09


(this art piece is from one of our artists)
Currently listening to: Damien Dempsey “The Rocky Road”
I was gone for the last two weeks on vacation. Two Sundays back to back I was sitting on the beach! Loved it! I really enjoyed being back and worshiping with my church family this past sunday though. I played Mandolin only on the first song as Nikki (my wife) lead the song. The rest of the songs I played acoustic on. Here’s our set.
1. “Holy is the Lord” Bethany Dillions version
Welcome & Call to Worship
2. “Be the Centre/Sing Hallelujah” (Vineyard)
3.”Only Jesus” by: Sovereign Grace Music
4. “Mended” by: Watermark
Prayer experience
5. “I Stand Amazed” by: Aaron Keyes
Join myself and others on Fred McKinnon’s site. It’s a great place to network and see what others are doing on the Sunday Set List Blog.

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