>Songs we Sing @ Vine 7-26-09


Chad & Jess Kostella and HL (me) in the center
continuing our Acoustic Summer music series
Currently Listening to: Greg Laswell “How the day Sounds”
psalm 86 reading
1. “My Glorious/Sing to the King” Eoghan Heaslip & Laura Story
Call to Worship – Pastor Craig
2. “Sweetly Broken” by: “More than Ever: Live Vineyard Worship”
4. “How Deep the Fathers Love for Us” by: Stuart Townend
5. “Nothing but the Blood” by: Jess Kostella (arranged by Jess)
Scripture and Prayer – Pastor Mike
Message – Pastor Mike
6. “Oh, happy Day” by: Tim Hughes

Today we continued with our more acoustic summer and man it was fun. I’m not into playing light acoustic worship. There are times for that, yes but worship should be dynamic and I love when leaders/musicians capture the passion and intensity of a full band on just acoustic guitars. So today, Jess Kostella and Myself were on acoustics and Chad Kostella (jess‘s husband) played hollow body electric to add ambiance noises and such. It was a great morning. I’m excited that this is the one year mark for Sunday Set list’s as well. It’s been great to meet other leaders like myself and see what others are doing across the country. I’ve also gotten to know some of you guys better too. Love the networking and friendship and encouragement I’ve received over the last year
If your new please check out Fred McKinnon’s site and his Sunday Set List blog to see what other leaders are doing!

3 thoughts on “>Songs we Sing @ Vine 7-26-09

  1. >Miss you brother – So much has happened since wlast week. So much to praise God for. Really – you wouldn't believe it if I told you. Can't wait to chronicle it in blog form.I enjoy reading your entries. Man I hope we get to really reconnect soon.Be blessed, HL – you and your Hannah socks.

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